Cat Sitting


The same people you come to for quality pet products are available for cat sitting in Washington Square and surrounding neighborhoods.

Stop by, call or email us to schedule or complete our pet service request form below!

Interested in becoming a cat sitter? We are in need of sitters for the summer months and beyond.   Join our team!

 Fee Schedule

Our visits include scooping the litter box, replenishing food & water and plenty of play, pets and love.

  • Single visit: $19.99 per visit
  • Two or more visits: $18.99 per visit
  • Seven or more visits: $17.99 per visit
  • Three or more cats, $1.00 for each additional cat per household
  • Medication administration – please contact for quote

Small pet clients welcome!

We do not offer a daily dog walking service, but our sitters may be available for the occasional dog walk.

Daily visits are recommended; sitters must see cats/small pets every two days.  Additional charge of $1.00 per visit applies for every other day sits.  For other sitting options including cat boarding, please contact the store directly.

If you require a service not listed, please let us know so we can better serve you!

◊Pricing for late notice requests – all pet services require two days notice in order to coordinate with sitters.  We reserve the right to apply a premium of 20% total sit bill for sit requests with less than two days notice.  For example, a sit starting Saturday should be requested by Wednesday; a request made on Thursday for Saturday may be subject to a premium.  For major holidays (see list below) a surcharge may apply to all sits with less than three days notice.  New client services require seven days to allow time for meet and greet with sitter.

◊To ensure pet service appointments are on the books, please schedule and/or services in store, through email or by phone and not with sitters directly. A confirmation phone call or email will be made by management to confirm all services.

◊Daily visits are recommended; sitters must see cats once every two days.

◊No additional charge for weekends.

◊$Pricing for major holidays – $5.00 additional for major holidays (Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,  New Years Day). $10.00 additional for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

◊Cancellation policy – canceled visits do not incur a fee unless the visit is canceled with one day or less notice.  For such cases, a $10 cancellation fee applies.  If a sitter has already arrived for a visit, full visit fee applies.

◊Full policy information available.

◊Referral program – current clients receive 10% off your next pet sit, up to one free visit when you refer our pet services to a friend.  Newly referred clients receive $5 off their first sit.

◊Insurance and bonding – all sitters are insured and bonded.

Submit your pet service request and we’ll follow-up to schedule a meet and greet with one of our sitters!

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